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We’re in the business of bettering patient's lives. We want to help your hospital improve your supply chain, leading to more effective orthopedic products and cheaper healthcare for your patients, empowering them to live the life they deserve.
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We’ve developed a series of products and services specifically for your hospital’s needs.
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Search our database of +1,000,000 orthopedic parts in seconds.
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Catch the latest in orthopedics & stay current in the industry.
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Determine a competitive cost for all your products with the latest price points from a network of +450 hospitals
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Gain the market insights on orthopedic products & companies you need.
GIC Classification
Experience a true classification system, finding the orthopedic parts you need in seconds.
Find a Part
We built a database just for you, +1,000,000 parts updated on a quarterly basis offering you market insight on price & where each part fits in the GIC categorization.
An Effortless Search Engine
We've created a search engine that'll read your mind. Orthopedic parts can be difficult to find, thanks to our advanced search capabilities and part suggestions, you'll spend less time searching and more time on your business
A Database of +1,000,000 Parts
We don't miss details. Our database includes part information about selling prices, brands, classifications, materials, and much more.
Designed for a Dynamic Industry
We stay one step ahead. In an industry that's constantly changing, we update our data on a quarterly basis, ensuring that the data you're receiving is current.
Orthopedic Network News
Where your business can stay updated on the latest in Orthopedics.
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We’re trusted by hospitals, manufacturers, the academic community, and many more.
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An Orthopedic Networks News by Curvo subscription gives you access to the gold standard in orthopedic content, classification, and categorization. We have laid out the pricing by subscription type so you can sign up for the one that best fits your business needs. Choose from a Newsletter only subscription, a Find-A-Part only subscription, or both.If you are looking to add multiple users, contact us for enterprise pricing.